Monday, March 28, 2011


Curbside service.
I returned to Boston after my "spring" break to find a light snow falling.  Thankfully none of it stuck, but it's the principle of the matter!  It shouldn't be snowing when I'd just been  enjoying 80 degree weather!  Oh well, I guess that's just the way it goes.  

I was welcomed back very enthusiastically by Sammie, who greeted me with, "I don't like Sara."  

I said, "Well, that's too bad."  

I did, however, want to get to the bottom of this problem, because I felt like we'd parted on good terms.  

"Why don't you like me, Sam?"

"It's a secret." she replied.

"Hmmm.... well,  I can't help you if you don't tell me why you don't like me."  

She wouldn't budge, so I resorted to my foolproof method to get them to spill it... I started making ridiculous guesses.  

And she fell for it.

"Too tight hugs!" 

Yep, you guessed it.  Apparently I'd been squeezing the life out of her.  

It would seem though, that there is more at the heart of it, because I got out of her later that she also doesn't like for her mom to go away.

All in all, if those are the only two complaints that she can come up with 1) I hug her too tight and 2) I'm not her mom, I guess I feel okay with that.  

I've also gotten her to conceed that she does like me a little bit, but just not as much as mom. 

Cate through all this just said, "I like Sara."  Thanks, Cate, I like you, too.

Sammie, Carter, and Cate (the girls were having tons of fun playing with my accessories that I brought back)

SpRiNg bReAk!

I was so happy to be in warm and sunny South Carolina, even if it was only for a week.  I was able to see my new car and put about 80 miles on it.  I helped dad fall about 5 trees or limbs that would be the equivalent to a tree.  While he does seem to have an affinity for chopping down trees it seemed especially pronounced since it was warm but the leaves were not on the trees yet- apparently the perfect time to fall them.  

We also had a partial family camp-out.   Latisha had come from Florida with her family to camp at Oconee State park, so,  we (me, mom, & dad) went down, as did Nathan and his crew and Crystal was able to join us one evening. It was great to spend time with family.  We had a great time and I absolutely loved the nice warm days!  
Isaqueena Falls

Me, Latisha, Geri, Crystal

Kaylee and Kate playing by the very man-made dam.

Livin' the life.

Kate (6), Me, Kaylee (9) outside Stumphouse Tunnel

Justin (13), Me, Derek (14)

Captain Sara, Brandon, and Latisha

My Forester

YAY!!!! So, for the past several months I've been sending my dad ad's from craigslist because I've been searching for a Subaru Forester.  The search finally ended Saturday, March 12, when dad purchased this beauty for me.   At the moment it is in South Carolina, but I absolutely LOVE it!

Kids everywhere!

It was my turn a few weeks ago to host "cool school."  It was the week before St. Patricks day, so we had lots of little leprechauns running around.

Ryan, Julianna, Sammie, Calvin, & Cate

Just a cute one of the girls

Rising Star

I recently had the opportunity to hear a fabulous rising star, Megan Worthen.  She recently made her first cd and I have to say that it is fantastic.  She performed at a benefit concert here in Boston and I became an instant groupie.  She has such a great stage presence and her music is great, too.  I'm lucky enough to be in her sister's ward and was favored with another informal concert on a Sunday afternoon. This girl is amazing and has so much talent.  You can listen to her on iTunes or on YouTube and you can join me in my groupie-ness.  I wish everyone could hear her in person, but alas, not terribly possible. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Horse

Funny little story from the other day..

I was playing with Sammie and Cate.  They, naturally, were being princesses.  

It was about time to go get Carter from school so I said, "Alright, princesses, it's time to go pick up the prince!"  

They enthusiastically replied, "Yeah!!! And mom's the queen!" (just for the record, sometimes I get to be the queen) 

Then Sammie or Cate added, "And dad's the king!"  

I had to ask, "So, if dad's the king, and mom's the queen, and Carter's the prince, and you guys are the princesses... what does that make me??"  

They looked a little bit worried for just a short second and then Sammie smiles and says, "You're the horse!"  

Cate climbed in my lap and made it all okay when she added, "And we love you!!"

I guess I can live with that.  

grow Grow GROW

It's working!!! In our little garden we currently are seeing signs of Basil, Spinach, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Bachelor's Buttons (Cate wanted flowers).  It's very exciting!  

Future Missionaries

I had the sister missionaries over for lunch the other day and before they left we had to take advantage of this perfect photo op.  

Creative lunches

In an effort to encourage 3 year olds to eat their food we've taken to occasionally having creative lunches.  These were our "tuna fish sandwiches"  It's amazing how much more willingly they will consume this over a regular square sandwich.  (no, I didn't make this up myself, it was from a magazine)