Sunday, July 15, 2012

Olympic Park

I came back to Utah a week early.  It's been so nice to spend some time together before I take off for South Carolina.  I should have spent more time helping Emily with packing and cleaning, but it's just so hard when I'm so distracted :)
Training pool- you can see a guy in the air behind us.  

Riding the ski lift to go down the extreme zip line and the alpine slide.

Our new place pre-furnishings.

Kitchen- duh.

Living room.

 Jared's office/extra bedroom.


Big bedroom with an awesomely huge closet.

Lost and found

One day I was sitting in my car talking on the phone with my friend Amy.  I was just chatting and being a perpetual fidgeter I was playing with my ring on my finger and just chatting away.  I was resting my left hand on my steering wheel when I fidgeted a little too much and my ring slipped off my finger and rolled forward on the dash.  I wasn't too worried until I went to look for it and couldn't see it.  It had fallen inside the defrost vent... at least I knew where it was, right?

I took my car to a repair place the next morning and asked them how much it would cost to retrieve my ring and they said it would probably take about an hour of labor or $95.  Knowing that Jared would be coming to visit soon I opted to turn it onto a project- not knowing then that it would become an all day process.  Jared flew in at 9:30, his parents arrived (the first time I met them) at around 11:00, and we started dismantling the car at about 12:00.  After taking apart the ENTIRE dash, drilling holes in the air relay box, and getting pretty frustrated we finally saw the ring and Jared got it out at about 7:00pm.  It was a happy happy reunion.  

Mt. Bierstadt-

The view from the hike.
 For the 4th of July I went on a little hike up Mt. Bierstadt.  It's one of more than fifty 14,000 ft elevation peaks in Colorado.  It's a relatively "easy" hike- since you start at around 11,000 ft and it's about  6-7 miles round trip.  As most anybody would tell you though, there are no "easy" 14-ers.  There were lots and lots of people on the trail and I only almost slid down three or four times.  I even saw a mountain goat right at the summit- it was pretty cool.  I'm glad I did it, but I was sure sore the next day.  
Mt. Bierstadt is the peak on the right.

Denver Days

I was in Denver for about 6 weeks working as a nanny for the Preece family.  They are so great and it was a delight to live with them again.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have my fiance less than 500 miles away.  We spent a LOT of time at the pool, playing, and running around town.