Thursday, June 5, 2014

Caroline at 11 months

The pictures were taken May 26th. Here's what's up with Caroline:
She still doesn't have any teeth.
She want's to crawl so badly, but just can't quite seem to coordinate the movements.
She is a master roller now and manages to spread toys all over whatever room she's in and can get to most of what she wants.  
She's sleeping through the night which is awesome.  She used to go to bed SUPER easy, but has lately been putting up more of  a fight before she'll fall asleep.
She is pretty good at waving goodbye, but sometimes I think she's trying to shake a bottle more than saying bye because she does the same thing when I make a bottle for her.
She will sometimes clap and occasionally is a pretty good copy cat.  
She went through a little phase where she would totally blow raspberries while I was trying to feed her and would splatter food all over the place.   I realized that that never happened on the rare occasions when I would feed her "pouch" baby food so I stuck  a straw in her food and voila' she sucked it right up without spitting.  We don't do this every time, but it is pretty effective nonetheless.  She does eat more faster when I do that, though.
It's so fun to watch her learning how to play with different toys.  I feel like I've accomplished something great if I can get her to put the ball in the hole or the toy in the bucket and actually let go of it.  Simple pleasures.
She loves baths and loves to kick in the water.
She's pretty easy going- as long as she's rested, fed, and has some kind of toy or entertainment she is happy.

Having a little chat with Mr. Frog.

She loves to stand and her balance is getting better and better.  She can't get up on her own though.

A leftover ponytail from the day before.  

An especially messy breakfast.