Saturday, December 24, 2016


37 Weeks

I'm mad!
We've seen an awful lot of this face. Thanks a lot, Daniel Tiger! 12/6/16
Just Keep Swimming
I'm so glad the pool is close to our house, but won't be sad when they build a new rec center.
I'm also so thankful that Jared is helping them be comfortable in the water. He's such a good daddy. I didn't go swimming that time since don't nobody want to see this body in a swimsuit! 12/8/16
Caroline is getting pretty good at moving through the water.  12/16/16

Family Christmas Photo
This was when I thought I might send out Christmas cards....
and if I hadn't had a baby 2 days later I might have. 12/11/16
 Snow child
Caroline is her father's daughter and LOVES the snow.  She just rolls in it and is SO excited to see it.  

New Baby in the House


He had been dream smiling and once I got the camera out it turned into this... 12/18/16

SO thankful for Grandma's help. She left on the 20th to head back to SC and get ready for company. 12/19/16


Christmas Baby
They gave us the hat and stocking at the hospital.

One of my visiting teachers gave me this cute outfit. 12/24/16

I don't need a nap



This is what it looks like when we don't put Caroline in bed for a nap.
Maybe we're not quite ready to end afternoon naps just yet...
Christmas Festivities
All three kiddos at Provo Town Center Mall. We had a 15 minute wait before we could go to Red Robin. The only thing that would even tempt us to go to the mall this close to Christmas would be food. 12/23/16

We traditionally have gone to temple square to see Christmas lights but with cold temps and a newborn we didn't really feel that was the best option this year.  Hoping that the Provo City Center temple would have lights we went there. They had a nice nativity, but no lights.  Thankfully, Provo main street did have some lights and Caroline was able to touch them (she'd been asking to touch lights for weeks). 12/22/16

After the lights we went to Bruges Belgian Waffles and had a treat. 12/22/16

We did our Christmas morning business on Christmas Eve.  I figured with church and flying to South Carolina on Christmas day it would have been more stressful than fun to open presents on the actual Christmas morning.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Matthew David Ridges

Since I'm a terribly inconsistent blogger I don't put too many of the day to day details and kind of stick to the highlights.  Probably because most of the day to day stuff involves me being uncomfortably pregnant.  This little boy sure gave me a run for my money.  I've had contractions for a month or so now with Braxton Hicks contractions that had me wondering on many occasions if I should be heading to the hospital- we did, in fact, go once in November to be sent home.  I blame Ben for being born less than an hour after we got to the hospital.  It was mentally and physically exhausting.
Thankfully my doctor had pity on my mental agony and stripped my membranes Monday the 12th.  I was at about a 3 1/2 and then 4 1/2 after he stripped my membranes. 
I spent the day wondering if it would work and trying to stay on top of household responsibilities. Did a little grocery shopping, etc.  For FHE that night we did a little sub for santa shopping and also stopped at Allen's for some sale items and then we did our Christmas scripture advent calendar. By the time we got done I felt like we needed to get the kids in bed so we could go to the hospital- the contractions were getting pretty painful. 
I was really just not sure if it was real labor or just side effects of stripping membranes so I called the hospital and they said to drink 32 oz of water and take a warm bath over the next hour and see if the contractions lessened. Well, they did lessen while I was in the bath but as soon as I got out they were back so around 10:30 Dave and Janette came over and we headed for the hospital.
We were admitted and finally got hooked up. I was at about a 5-6. I was very relieved when the nurse said we weren't going home without a baby and I was thankful the guessing game was over. 
I was able to get an epidural after we'd been there a little while and I was very thankful for that, as well, especially since it took a little while for this little guy to descend. 
After I had the epidural they broke my water and we waited. After some trouble with the contraction monitor we finally pushed out a baby through about 4 contractions at 4:10am. I was very thankful we went to the hospital when we did and that the delivery went as smoothly as it did. 

Matthew David was born on December 13th and weighed 7 lbs 6 oz and was 19 inches long. Jared cut the cord and they put him on my chest but it wasn't very long before I thought he was starting to look a little purple and sure enough they had to get a respiratory specialist and took him to the nursery. Once again we had to have a baby in their little NICU. Very similar experience to Ben- except Matthew had a C-pap as well as fluid in the lungs and antibiotics that they started him on. I wasn't actually able to hold him the first time I made it to the nursery around 8:00 am, but thankfully he didn't need to be on the c-pap very long. 

I was able to try to nurse later that evening but he was still hooked up to monitors while they waited for test results. Wasn't very successful at getting him to eat the first time around, but by the second time he did really well. 

I was "discharged" from the hospital last evening and put on guest status- unfortunately no  meals anymore, but at least I still get a nice place to be close to my baby.
Test results came back well and we were able to get discharged this afternoon. 
Jared picked my mom up from the airport and then took her to the house before coming to get me and Matthew from the hospital. Pretty perfect timing and I'm so beyond thankful to have her here. 
Ben and Caroline are both pretty excited to have him here and it's really cute to see them interact. 

Dave and Janette provided dinner and were able to meet Matthew.  
So so blessed to have him here and healthy.  

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Playing at the Park

We had actually gone camping up at Jolly's Ranch again and they have a great playground there- but unfortunately it was covered in a heavy layer of frost so we headed out of the canyon and ended up playing at the park close to the house.  11/5/16

Caroline's Ballet Recital

Caroline took a little 8 week ballet class and absolutely loved it! 11/10/16

It was so fun to go to a baby shower for my mission companion, Kim, who is due only one week before me. 11/14/16  

Playing in the Leaves in Mapleton

Trying to get in as much park time as possible before the snow comes. 11/16/16

The First Snow of the Season
This girl was absolutely giddy. 11/17/16

Cousin Walk in Hobble Creek Canyon
It was a cold but fun walk.  11/16


While dad played in a little turkey bowl the kids played at the park. 11/24/16

Decorating the Tree

The kids loved it- a fence will be a necessity if we want this tree to survive to see another year.  I'd love a live tree, but I must admit the ease of getting this one up and down is hard to ignore.  11/25/16
Handsome Fellas
Ben loves to play with dad... and his phone.  11/27/16