Wednesday, October 8, 2014

First day of Fall

For the first day of fall we decided to drive the Alpine Loop.  I'd never been all the way through and it was BEAUTIFUL.  I was a little worried that it would be too early, but the trees put on a pretty good show.

We stopped by the river and let Caroline get her toes wet. It was a little cold though.

I also learned that if you're experiencing any sort of pregnancy nausea- it may be better not to drive the alpine loop... it was still beautiful, but the road seemed really long.


Back in August Jared and I were able to go see Wicked at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake.  I'd "seen" it before- meaning I was in the same building but so far from the stage that it was hard to tell what was going on- but this time I actually "saw" it.  Jared and I both loved it!

Caroline at 15 months

Caroline's stats from her 15 month appointment:
Weight: 18 lbs 12 1/2 oz (15 %) (Wahoo! We're movin' up!)
Height: 29 1/4 in (11 %)
Head: 18 in (51%) 

~Caroline is an awesome sleeper and will often sleep for about 12 hours at night and still takes two naps during the day.
~She has taken a few steps but only when she wants to.
~She now has 3 teeth and a fourth just broke through.
~She is really into being flipped upside down.
~She is much more aware of how toys work lately- like she used to try to stand toys up on their heads but now she makes sure they're standing right side up. She is also getting better with her shape sorter and doesn't always pull the lid off to get the shapes inside.
~She LOVES Baby Einstein sign language. Usually if the tv is on it will only hold her attention for a couple of minutes max- but she will watch the whole 26 minute sign language show if I let her. She's really been making connections with the signs and it's so fun to watch her learn.
~Caroline loves to be outside and makes a break for any open door. She also still likes to eat dirt- but I think it's getting a little better.
~She would climb stairs all day long if we had them. She loves to slide down stairs on her tummy and crawl back up. Then repeat.
~She will eat most anything except bananas and she really likes green beans. Of course she also really likes ice cream but who can blame her? She will also occasionally eat a jar of baby food but absolutely prefers table food.
~Caroline has gotten into chasing and being chased lately and it's thinks it's great fun.
~She seems to speak her own language. She will sort of say mama,  dada, and bird, but aside from that we get a whole lot of gibberish.
~She is a great imitator she'll even fold her arms for prayer for about 2 seconds.

Other cute pictures from this month:
Caroline and Cosmo at BYU

Dirty bum.

Playing in the dirt is serious business...

We've got pigtails!!!