Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hiking to the grotto

Jared took Me, Emily, Jeffrey, and Caitlyn up Payson canyon to The Grotto.  It was a perfect hike for kids

I couldn't help myself. 

It's my party!

My birthday was pretty low key this year since I flew from Provo to Denver on the morning of my birthday.
The evening before I went on a double date with Jared, Emily, and Dan to Red Robin.  It was certainly yummy!
Emily also made me some delicious Nutella Mousse cupcakes and it was swell time.

When I got to Denver the Preece's had a little cake and gift for me.  Ironically, I was also watching them last year for my birthday.  It was a good birthday.

Photo Shoot

A very very small sampling:

The stars aligned.

Tuesday, May 8th, started out like most any day.  Went to work.  Came home late.  My fella had scouts and I had a ward temple night so I hadn't seen him ALL DAY LONG.  I was sad.  
My ward went to a late late session that didn't start until 8:20 and I was TIRED and also developing a sinus headache.  I left the temple hoping to have a message or missed call from Jared, but was sad to see that there was nothing.  It was about 10:20 at this point and any hope I'd had of seeing him was dashed.  Surely he was already asleep.  My foolishly optimistic side was concocting ways that I would see him and he could just hold me and make me feel better.  
"Maybe he would just be waiting at home for me?"  I hoped
"Nah.... it's too late... he's been working hard today... "  I reminded myself.
"Well, where could he park his truck if he wanted to surprise me? Would he drive his brother's car?" The foolishly optimistic side continued.
"Give it up! He's already snoozin'!"  
"Okay, fine.  You're probably right."

So I continued home and saw to my slight consolation  that this was on my doorstep:
I would have rather seen him, but I it was better than nothing.  

I leaned my tired and achy head against the door and knocked the secret knock so Emily and Dan would know it was me.

Surprise of surprises,  when the door opened I was shocked to see Jared on one knee holding a beautiful ring.  "Sara Sophia Leckie, will you marry me?"  
I was beyond stunned and couldn't even think straight so I gave the only appropriate response.  I kissed him.  
"So... is that a yes?"  he asked.
"Yes, it's a yes."  I said.  

Not the actual day of, but I was much more awake in this picture.


Obviously the biggest or MOST exciting things have been going on since April 8th, but there were lots and lots of fun and not so fun things that happened inbetween, such as:

*Going out with my friend Kara to go kayak on Utah lake, only to turn around very quickly when we sprung a leak.
*Going to the Hot Springs with Jared, Emily, and her children.   It was super windy but as long as you stayed under water it was perfect.  We made Jared go get the lunch out of the car so we could eat it while staying as much in the water as possible.  Em's kids were a little nervous at first about jumping in, but they seemed to have a good time overall- except Andrew, that is.  He never could quite handle being left unattended even though he was wearing a life-jacket.

* Working at the temple on Thursday mornings.
*Jared making me a homemade dinner- yummy french bread pizza.
* A volleyball game with Jared. 
* My ward being split
* Filing taxes
* Going to the Oquirrah Mountain temple.
* Going to the Draper temple with Jared-  Funny lack of communication about where we'd meet afterwards.  The old men at the recommend desk were really worried about me when I was waiting and waiting for Jared- not knowing that he was waiting and waiting for me by the car.  
* Visiting with mission friends- Kiera and the Somerfeldts.
* Ring shopping
* Back issues, again.  But thankfully not nearly so serious as last year.
* First trip to a chiropractor.
* Fun work field trips to Thanksgiving point.
* Picked wedding colors.
* "Squatch" fest with Jared.  Included "big foot" racing, Sasquatch calling, digging for food, throwing rocks, and a unicorn pinata.  It was really fun.

* Bowling with Jared and my friend, Ben Smith.  I lost. 
* An attempt at gardening with Emily.
* Babysat 7 kids under the age of 6.  It went surprisingly well.  Thank you, "Rio!"
* Getting proposed to.
* House hunting
* Wedding planning
* Babysitting in Denver
* Helped Jared install a sprinkler system in his parent's yard.
* Took engagement pictures.
* Drowning my phone.
* Turned 27 years old.
* Had a fun short trip to St. George. Picked up my friend Alexandra and got to visit some people from my mission who moved to the states.  It was so fun!

* Hot Springs with Alexandra.
* Last day of work for the Lewis family. We got ice cream at Thanksgiving point.

* Packed up all my stuff.
* Drove to Denver...

which pretty much catches me up.  Now I'll fill in the details and pictures for some of the much bigger things.