Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Exploration 101

Frog Pond at sunset- MUCH prettier in real life. 

Finished "work" at four today so I had lots of time to explore.  I wandered, and wandered, and wandered some more.  Here a little and there a little until finally I was done wandering and sat down by the frog pond to read a book and watch the sunset.  Fabulous evening, if I do say so myself.  Here are the pictures to prove it- or at least some of it.  I didn't take pictures of my wanderings through the Italian district :)  I was too busy looking around.   
Boston Skyline

Boston Harbor

Cool floating Fireboat- probably not part of the typical Boston tour.

A headstone I found particularly interesting- I'm not sure if you can read it, but it is for a woman who was the "amiable consort to Mr so and so..."  Not sure why, but that caught my eye. As well as the fact that there were headstones for so many young men who died in their late teens and twenties- so sad.  

Disclaimer- these pictures were taken with my cell phone since I forgot my real camera, and my pictures of the Old North Church where Paul Revere hung the lanterns won't send... sorry, it's a pretty picture- use your imagination.

Monday, August 30, 2010

More legos please!!

Today has been lots and lots of fun.  This morning we went on an Alphabet scavenger hunt where we took pictures of at least one thing for every letter of the alphabet. We got creative taking pictures of everything from acorns to mud to all sorts of things.

We came home for lunch and afterwards proposed what I thought was a fun idea:  an outing to the nearby library and  park with some fountains.  They were completely engrossed in Legos and didn't want to leave the house.  It was unfathomable- what kids wouldn't want to go play in the park?!?  I finally talked them into leaving and despite their earlier protests they did have a good time at the park.

The rest of the afternoon was full of drawing, puppet shows, the circus, and becoming pirates. 

Cute one of Cate and Sam snuggling in the shade.  


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Harvard and Boston Commons

Sammie and Carter
So, Boston Commons is pretty  much the central park of Boston.  It was so cool!  There's this pond that in the winter time freezes to be an outdoor ice skating rink and in the summer is a place where kids can play.  Technically I had the day off, but I went with Janna, her roommate Ashley, and the kiddos to see a little more of Boston.  I finally rode the trains here and I've never felt so much like I was back in Italy- totally brought back so many memories. This evening we got gelato in the North End- or Italian district of Boston and I have to say- I'm kind of disappointed.  it didn't quite meet my expectations of authentic Gelato.  No way that stuff would fly in Italy. Not to worry, I'll just keep trying different gelaterias until I find the best :)

This morning they went to the zoo and I went for a walk to Harvard.  I'm not sure how much of it I actually saw since I was just wandering, but it was  a nice walk.  It had to have at least been the right area, since I walked along "Harvard St."
Random shot of me in Downtown Boston

Friday, August 27, 2010

Indicate the route to my habitual abode

My welcome banner

My first few days in the Preece household have been great.  I honestly feel quite spoiled and very very fortunate to have stumbled into this opportunity.  I mean, really, who gets to go play all day at the park with some fun kids and then gets to have the evenings off??  Does that sound like work?  Hard to believe that I get paid for this!
My sweet room

Obviously the whole family is great, but I get to spend more time with the kiddos.  First, there's Carter who can talk non-stop for limitless amounts of time and is quite convinced that he's much smarter than me  (he's probably not too far off.)  Then there are the twins, Sammie and Cate.  And yes, I can tell them apart.  It's fun how different their personalities are even with all their similarities.
Cate helping make zucchini bread
My first day was pouring rain outside so we spent the morning with carter producing endless puppet shows, making zucchini bread muffins (with lots of great help), and reading lots of stories.
The following days have been fabulous and we've spent most of the morning outside and then playing with toys and reading inside.  The days really pass pretty quick.
In spite of all the perks, I'm excited to get into a routine and get a little more structure to our days.  I'm also really looking forward to meeting my new ward and not being a homebody.   Poor Jennie and Mike probably think they've hired a recluse.  As good as it is now- it's only getting better!!

The munchkins: Carter, Sammie, & Cate


Yes, I've joined the world of bloggers.  As I've started a job nannying in Boston, I thought it would be fun to share some of my experiences with friends and family and to help me remember some good times. Don't expect regularity, flashing creativity, or brilliance.  Remember this is me we're talking about.  Just take it as it comes and hope for the best... that's what I'm doing.