Sunday, February 26, 2012

I love to see the temple... again... and again...

This month seems like it has been temple month.  I've made a goal with some of my friends (Jen and Janelle) to go to all the temples in Utah in the year 2012.  Knowing me, we all know that there's really no telling how long I'll stay in Utah so I'm packing them in.  In the same week I was privileged to go to the endowment session for a friend  of mine, Amy Stuart, visiting her home in Ogden and another session for my old roommate, Michelle Packer. So, we went to Salt Lake in January, but in February I went to Provo (no picture, sorry) Logan, Bountiful, and Mt. Timpanogos.

Not bad for a timed shot, huh?

Me and Amy at the Logan temple.

Me and Jen at the Bountiful temple. She came with me to Michelle's endowment.

Janelle, Jen, and Myself at the Mt. Timpanagos temple.

Caitlyn at Gymnastics

Caitlyn has been going to gymnastics for the past few weeks and I finally remembered to take my camera.  We (Emily and I) have been very impressed with the quality of the teachers and the variety of things that the kids get to do.  

Saturday, February 4, 2012

BYU Basketball

We had a fun time going to the BYU v. St Mary's men's basketball game while mom and dad were in town.  Even though the officiating was not top notch and BYU didn't play too great, we still had a good time. 

 The next week I went to the women's game against St. Mary's and played very well.  The final score was something like 83-46. BYU.  It was a very different experience from the men's game. 

Quintuple Date??

I've been adopted as a roommate for some gals in my ward and we thought it would be fun to have a "roommate" date.  There were five couples and we went to a local school (where one of the ladies teaches) and we played "Live Clue."    If you want the details of that you'd have to call me- it would be way too hard to explain here.  But trust me when I say that a good time was had by all. 

My latest victims

Nanny Sara strikes again.  These two are my most recent charges.  I'm just working three days a week and after the first week of getting to know each other things really have gone very well.  My only complaint is the commute to Lehi for those three days.  

I love to see the temple...

My friends Jen, Janelle, and I have made a goal to go to a different temple (in Utah) every month.  For January we started with Salt Lake.  

Snow! Snow! Snow!

Enjoying the picturesque scenery and feeding the goats.  What a lovely day in the neighborhood.