Thursday, February 27, 2014

Caroline at 8 months

It has been absolutely glorious lately, weather wise.  Caroline and I have been loving it.

What Caroline is up to:
- She still isn't too interested in rolling from her back to her tummy.  In fact, she's pretty opposed to being on her tummy at all these days.
- She can sit up pretty well if she's holding on to her toys.
- Likes to grab EVERYTHING.
- Has advanced to cheerios and little puffs.  She's doing really well with solid foods.
- She's really expanded her vocability.  Yes, I mean vocability.  She likes to just holler or yell- she's not mad, just being loud.
- She's recently discovered the joy's of peek-a-boo.
- Even though she's not rolling or crawling, she still manages to push her head against the bars in her crib.  I can put her in as close to the foot of the bed as possible, but if she's awake for anytime at all before I get her in the morning her head will be against the bars on the other end.  Tricky for someone who's not very mobile.  - Refuses to say "mamama" even though she will say "bababa" or "papapa"
- Still won't leave her socks on.
- Doesn't really have a mohawk like it may appear in the pictures.  That's just how her hair dried that day :)

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a very exciting valentine's day...

I got Jared new batteries for his drill.
He got me roses.
We set the table pretty with candles and ate stir-fry.


She LOVES it! And she can finally reach the ground.
Enjoying an apple while she bounces.

Random Pictures of Cuteness

What can I say... she's just sooo cute!

Trying out her new BYU t-shirt.

She thinks she's so big... she can't even roll over yet!

I realized I never got a picture of her in her Halloween costume... better late than never.

Rockin' a mohawk at New Years.
Ready for church.

Not quite ready for pigtails.  

Recent attempts at Craftiness

Both for entertainment and practicality purposes I've been making decorations and bedspreads: