Monday, October 25, 2010


Saturday I went with a couple other girls from my ward up to Portland, Maine and we made a very brief stop at York, Maine- where it was already dark.  I definitely want to go back there in the daytime becuase it was beautiful!  All of it was just beautiful!  

Lunch at Dimillo's- yummy seafood!  But, no, I didn't get lobster. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Has it really only been one week??

 Man!  It has been a full week of adventures!  This was Dinosaur week so we went to the museum of science where there is a dinosaur exhibit.  It was great fun and the girls loved it.

These are just some other cute ones from the museum

Wednesday was busy busy busy, but an absolutely beautiful day.  In the morning we went for a "cool school field trip." to Drumlin Farms.  It's really just a farm where they have chickens, goats, cows, pigs, and hayrides.

After the farm we went straight to the school to pick up Carter and then we went straight to Ballet.  It really was just such a beautiful day that I couldn't help but pull out the camera.

Friday I went to the North End with a friend who also served in Italy.  It was a lot of fun- especially when we talked with a couple of Italian men from Napoli.  It was like music to my ears to hear them speaking...  ah. I'm so excited for the Rome temple groundbreaking that will be happening on the 23rd!!  That's in less than a week!

Saturday I worked because Jennie was out of town and we went to the Boston Book Festival.  Turns out it wasn't extremely child friendly, but they did have a few fun things. There were several little things that happened that made it more of an adventure, but we all survived.  If my friend Amy hadn't come I don't think we would have survived.  Some of the little things included, but were not limited to: Catie wasn't too thrilled when one of the characters from "Where the wild things are"  showed up.  The elevator at the train station wasn't working so the stroller was a bit of an issue. The guys at the library wouldn't let us bring in our balloons.  One of the train drivers was kind of rude and told us we were supposed to fold up the giant double stroller to get on the train.  It really was quite the adventure.
Saturday night there was a "birthday" party for a guy in my ward and they were playing "rock band"  It was so much fun... I think I'm ready to join a band!

Sunday was obviously church and then I went with Alexandra to Walden pond.  It was a beautiful drive and a fun 1.5 mile walk from where we had to park the car so we didn't have to pay.  

And last but not least, here are a few pictures from the ward camp out back in September.  This is far from all of them, but this is mine and Amy's kayaking adventure and a shot on the ropes course.  

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cowboy week

Due to the busy nature of the week we didn't really get to explore cowboy week very much, but we did have time to make paper bag vests, go for horsey rides (on my back), make newspaper cowboy hats (with Carter)  and read a few books about cowboys.  

Girls girls girls...

I realize that I should probably put more effort into spending my evenings with boys, but I have so much fun with some of the ladies up here that it's hard to force awkward conversation with the fellas.  Hence, the reason that I have pictures of all girls, girls, girls.  Oh well, someday I'll meet a guy worth tagging along with.  For now, I'm thankful to have so many fabulous friends here.  
I'm realizing that my weeks are filled with church things.  Last week for example went a little like this:  I worked during the days, then: Monday, FHE; Tuesday, Temple; Wednesday, Institute; Thursday, Temple for a ward baptism trip; Friday, Cotillion at church; Saturday, Fireside; Sunday, Church (obviously), and Home Teachers.  It's a little ridiculous sometimes, but all of those things were fantastic so I guess it could be much much worse. 
Alexandra and I at the October fest
 The Cotillion on Friday night was especially fun.  It was pretty intense line dancing- old school style.  I really enjoyed myself and may have had blisters on my feet by the end of the night because we danced so much.  After the cotillion I had a fun ice cream outing with Courtney... so funny, and so fun.  Sorry, no pictures of that adventure.  Saturday night the fireside was great.  It was from Robert Millett and it was especially applicable to me so I'm glad I went. After the fireside Alexandra and I went to an October fest at a local University.  Not only did we feel a little out of place because we were the only ones not drinking, but we could have quite possibly been the oldest ones there.  It was at the "German house" and she served a mission in Germany so she wanted to go. It was still fun dancing the night away... or at least a little bit of the night away.  
Ashlee with her fabulous cupcakes...
there were 6 different kinds, I think.

 Sunday night Ashlee had a cupcake party at her house.  Really fun and yummy.  Pina colada cupcakes... so gooooood!  

Rebekah and me at the WWII Boston memorial.

Today for my day off I went to the temple this morning because it's the 10th birthday of the Boston temple so they were open this morning even though it's a monday.  It was a stake temple fest... really cool.  Then I headed out with Rebekah and we wandered around Boston and had a day of fun conversation.  Now, I just need to find time to study for the GRE....  

Monday, October 4, 2010

Conference Weekend

I flew out of Boston at 6:30 on Friday morning to head for Salt Lake.  I attended my mission reunion which was so much fun.  Went to a session of conference in the conference center.  Watched a session in the Tabernacle.  Celebrated a former companion's birthday.  I enjoyed the Sunday sessions at the Sommerfeldt's.  I got to see some of my cousins and their families.  It was wonderful to be surrounded all weekend by so many wonderful people!!  I am so blessed!