Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ready or not...

This summer could be a little... interesting.  

Holiday Cheer

Christmas is great!  I love it so much!  For Christmas Eve Jared and I went over to his parent's house with his family and had a nice dinner and opened presents.

On Christmas day we had our own festivities and opened our presents and stockings.  Later that evening my cousins Levin Gunter and his family, and Mary Abbott and her boyfriend (now fiance) came over and visited and helped clean out our fridge before we took off for South Carolina.

We flew out of Salt Lake and it was really really cold and the roads were pretty bad.  Thankfully Jared's dad enjoys driving in the snow almost as much as Jared does.  We barely made our connection in Chicago but thankfully arrived in SC mostly on time.  But without our luggage.   It didn't make the connection in Chicago.

Oh well, we picked it up the next morning and got a nice travel voucher and we very much enjoyed our week of warm weather and fun with family.  I was going to upload lots of pictures from Christmas vacation when I realized that my sister, Crystal, had already done all the work. So instead of taking time to upload 95% of the same pictures- here is a link to her blog that covers really well what went on while we were visiting SC.

We came back to Utah on Friday, January 4th to lots and lots of this white stuff and subzero temperatures.  :P  I was not prepared.

One year later...

So it wasn't exactly one year, but it was very close to a year ago that I talked Jared into taking me to see the lights on temple square.  

December 2011
December 2012
Notice in last year's picture how dressed up I was and Jared had even put his contacts - but I guess we're not so concerned with impressing one another anymore.  
Also, last year we didn't go see the lights after working on a tile job :)
Crazy to think we weren't even really dating at the time.  Weird.

Frosty Campout

Jared and I decided to take advantage of some unseasonably warm weather in November and went camping on Thanksgiving weekend.  Unfortunately I'd only taken three pictures that evening before my camera died.  I was sad that I didn't get to take any pictures of our hike to Paul Bunyan's woodpile (a very cool lava formation).

We went camping out past Eureka Utah and there was frost on our tent when we woke up- surprisingly  I wasn't overwhelmingly cold and slept pretty well.  The next morning we packed up and drove to the trail head to go hike.

Sad and kind of gross story about the drive to the trail head:  It was a beautiful beautiful day and we were driving down this dirt road.  We'd gone over a cattle guard right when we turned off of the main road and then we made our little camp about a mile in.  The trail-head was about another two miles further in.  We were beebopping along and I saw a horse in the distance.  I was a little surprised because we hadn't seen any other livestock.  As our little dirt road kept winding we got closer and closer to the horse only to discover that it was dead and had gotten completely stuck in another cattle guard.  I mean, all four legs stuck way down in there. It was very very sad.  Thankfully, the horse was considerate enough to get stuck far enough to the side so we could still pass.  It  was very sad- and it had obviously been there for quite some time but I have no idea who you call about that or how they would get it out.  It was memorable, that's for sure.

Just Because

Jared brought me flowers one day... just because.  I am a lucky gal.

Happy Halloween

So... pretend this post was written a few months ago. :)

For FHE Jared and I carved Perry the Pumpkin.  He didn't last too long before he caved in, but it was fun while he lasted.