Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Rest of April...

A successful walk!
Made more successful by the fact that- if I recall correctly- I was able to move them both to their beds to keep sleeping.
Thursday, April 21
Sunday Cuteness
Something about the boots and this dress... just so darn cute!!!
Sunday, April 24
Caroline's first trip to the Dentist.

 I don't even know if she even realized she went to the dentist, all she cared about was getting to watch a show.

Friday, April 29
Family Bowling!!
Ben read a book...

Friday, April 29

Monday, April 18, 2016

I feel smarter

I have progressed to the modern age.  At least a little bit.  

It finally happened.
I no longer am using a dumb phone.  

All nostalgia for days long gone aside- I'm loving having a smart phone.  I'm especially loving having a good camera and have already taken almost 10 pictures a day of my children- not sure how long I'll maintain that streak, though.  And I'm loving that I'll be able to do group texts.  And I'm looking forward to figuring out how I can best utilize it without becoming obsessed and dependent.  

Swinging the day away

In an effort to keep Ben from getting knocked down by the swing I stuffed both of them in.   It went surprisingly well.  But I did go get another swing from the shed so they could have a little more room. They didn't seem to mind.

Happy spring!!

I love when my tulips blossom!  It's like a free gift every year! It makes me very happy.

Basketcase children

Maybe this is fairly typical behavior, but my kids love to climb in boxes and baskets.  If it's there they will get in it.  Ben even pulled a 9x13 out of the cupboard and sat in it for a while.  Nevermind that it's ridiculously small, or that your sister is trying to watch a show.  You must climb in!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

San Rafael Swell

Over spring break we went with Jared's family to the San Rafael Swell a little ways from Castle Dale, UT.
Aside from the fridge not cooling quite cold enough, and the kids not sleeping great it was an absolutely perfect trip.

The set up:

 Cousin Time:

 The best rock playground ever:

 Lots of good dirt to play in:

 Dinosaur Track:
 Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry:
 An old closed off mine:
 4- wheelin:
 Faster 4-wheelin:

 Playing in the San Rafael River- Caroline had a blast throwing rocks into the water:

 Little Grand Canyon:

 Good snuggles:
 Good swinging:
 Hiking in the lone and dreary waste land:

It was a fun filled three days.  Time to start planning the next one!