Monday, September 19, 2011

On the road again....

My travel log for the past few weeks went something like this:

Sunday, August 14th- Leave Newport, RI and arrive in Boston, MA
Monday, August 15th- Leave Boston, MA and arrive in Greenville, SC
Thursday, August 18th- Leave Greenville and arrive in Wichita Falls, TX
Monday, August 22nd- Leave Wichita Falls, TX and arrive in Springville, UT 
(I managed to find my camera and snapped a sorry amount of pictures for such a grand adventure)
Monday, August 29th- Leave Springville, UT and arrive in Englewood, CO
Tuesday, August 30th- Leave Englewood, CO and arrive in St. Charles, MO
Wednesday, August 31st- Leave St. Charles Mo and arrive in Greenville, SC
Thursday, September 1st- Leave Greenville, SC and arrive at Coneross Campground in Townville, SC
Saturday, September 3rd- Leave Coneross Campground and arrive in Greenville, SC
Wednesday, September 7th- Leave Greenville, SC and arrive in Boston, MA

Which brings me to my current adventures... which will be addressed in the next posts... 

Rhode Island

My weeks were spent with these guys... 

...working really really hard...

And my weekends were primarily spent here: (St. George's school)

It was a rough, rough, job.... but somebody' had to do it.  

The fun never ends!!!

After spending a few weeks in Boston swimming in Walden Pond, Kayaking in the Charles River, Swimming in the Alewife Community pool, Sailing on the Charles, 

Enjoying the Cape Cod beaches, 

babysitting here and there, 

visiting Sandcastle competitions,
enjoying the temple, 

 and trying to stay out of trouble... I headed for Rhode Island.... be continued....