Monday, March 24, 2014

Caroline at 9 months.

Caroline is such a sweet and typically laid back little lady.

Height: 25.5 in (1%)
Weight: 14.5 lbs (2%) Wahoo- we're on the charts!
Head: 17 in (31%)

Her neck was kind of scrunched when she was measured but I'm sure it's not too far off.

-She is pretty easy most of the time and will eat just about anything I give her although she has days when she's feeling a little more particular.  Still no teeth.  She can pick up cheerios and puffs but has a really hard time letting go of them when they are in her mouth so she usually just sucks on her fingers while her hand is in a fist.
-She has finally proven to us that she can, in fact, roll from her back to her tummy- she just really really seems to dislike being on her tummy.
-She is a pro sitter and it's getting pretty good at leaning while she's sitting.  It's really nice to have her able to sit but still not be terribly mobile.
I just got called to be the Primary Chorister.  Usually in this case you'd just send the kid with dad- but since he's also in primary she gets passed around.  The first week she was just so good sitting in the back while I led singing time. If only primary wasn't right during nap time I think she'd do really well every week.
- For some reason she's started waking up once at night.  Usually between 4-5.  It's not exactly my favorite time to wake up but it's not too bad.  We both go right back to sleep after I feed her.

All in all we consider ourselves pretty spoiled and blessed to have such a sweet little girl.

The photo shoots are getting a little tougher:

Here are some videos- youtube is being weird and won't let me put the actual video on.

From earlier in the month:
Trying out a graham cracker on her own for the first time- I'm pretty sure this was the first time I gave her something that was big enough for her to eat and hold at the same time.  I naively thought she wouldn't make too much of a mess.
I thought wrong.

We gave her a lime wedge hoping for a good sour face but she just sat there sucking on it. She did kind of shiver once  but that was it.  

Eating her avocado on St. Patrick's Day.  Clearly she was really excited about it.