Thursday, September 26, 2013

Caroline at 3 months.

This beautiful girl has been slightly less stingy with her smiles lately, although they're still not exactly handed out freely.  Every once in a while she'll let out what sounds like it could almost be a laugh- or she just gasping for air- who knows.  
She will usually sleep for at least one 6+ hour stretch at night.  
She recently has decided that she loves the swing and seems to fall asleep in it at least once a day.
She accidentally rolled from her back onto her side one day. I say accidentally because it hasn't been repeated.
She makes lots of cute cooing noises and is experimenting with the whole voice box thing.
She doesn't love tummy time, but is getting a little bit better with her head control and she doesn't just lay there with her nose smashed into the ground anymore.  

Here she is enjoying the swing- it's kind of squeaky.

one week
one month

two months
three months

August Fun

 Starting her young- we took Caroline to a pre-season scrimmage for BYU.  She's already learning the fight song- here she is doing the "rah-rah-rah-rah-rah! gooooooo cougars!"  Now we just need to get her some BYU garb.

This is what happens when I let dad get her dressed. Okay, maybe not every time.  

One of her very cute faces. 
(To dispel any question- she is on Jared's lap. Even while I was pregnant my legs never got quite that hairy.)

 Jared's sweet new ride.... he wishes!  

We make our kid feed herself.