Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow sculpting

For a ward activity today we had snow sculpting.  My group made an igloo, another made a polar bear, and another made a sea turtle.  It was so much fun and SO much snow!  It was crazy- I don't think we ever saw the ground underneath despite lots of digging. (sorry, my camera lens was a little foggy) 

Polar Bear

Sea Turtle (he was eating a red snow cone)

Snow day 2

After the snow stopped at around 8:00am it turned into an absolutely beautiful day!  It was a balmy 35 degrees and the sun actually made an appearance.  Happy day!  The kids and I had a good time playing in the 2+ feet of snow that are still on the ground.   
All bundled up!

Cate- after her white out when the sled took a turn too quickly.  She was a trooper though and managed to laugh it off.

The Sun!!!

Sammie (help! I've fallen and I can't get up!)

It's a hippo!  

The residual piles of snow  I'll have to keep my camera with me more often so I can get some good shots of how much there really is.  It's ridiculous!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Catch-up pictures from Ice Skating

It really was so much fun.  It was the first time I ever went ice skating at an outdoor rink.  

New Hampshire

These are just pictures from the Snowshoeing extravaganza.  I'm still working on getting the pictures from one other person and then my collection will be complete.  I had so much fun!    

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back in Boston

The night I got back to Boston I went out to a dinner with friends, the next night Ice Skating, and the next night a fireside and games, and the next night family home evening, and the next night a blizzard and a movie.  Needless to say I've been pretty busy and my first week back FLEW by. I'm waiting for pictures for some of these adventures and I'm really excited to get pictures from my most recent adventure to New Hampshire for the weekend, but for now all I've got is a few from our snow day.  This is how we avoided going crazy when there was a blizzard:  

Making Brownies with Alexandra
Playing Starfall

Making dress up clothes (recognize those pillowcases, mom?)

Making crowns to go with the dresses

Making an elephant mask

view from our house
can you see the parking meters?
me by a snow pile.  I've since seen them much bigger.

Out for lunch

I had so much fun going out for lunch with some of my favorite gal pals!  

Going once... going twice...

I really can't explain why I enjoy going to the livestock auctions in the sticks of South Carolina.  It really is a "cultural" experience.  I guess part of me is really quite at home in this environment.  I just can't figure out why I like it so much.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holidays with Family

Brian & kaylee (hard to believe they're the same age)
Crystal & Jonathan

Kaylee & Kate (Hard to believe they're 3 years apart)
Ultimate Frisbee
Brian, Jeffrey & Brandon

Emily & Dan

Bring on the Bubbly
Latisha & Roger

Mom, Emily, Crystal, Latisha, Sara
Kate & Kaylee

Jeffrey getting a pedicure
New Year's Countdown

My First White Christmas EVER!!!