Monday, September 28, 2015

Oh Desitin...

I didn't realize she could unscrew the lid on the 1 lb container of Desitin.  

I thought she was dead when I went in her room.  There was a funky smell and she looked deathly white and was asleep in her bed.  I was pretty relieved when I figured out what it was.  Aside from being a NIGHTMARE to clean and the IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of  lingering fishy smell we're all still alive.  I'm pretty sure that was the only time she's ever asked to get out of the tub.

Just for the record to finally get her hair from being an oily mess I used vinegar, lots and lots of dish soap, and baby shampoo to get it normal again.  That was after Jared had washed it about 5-6 times with shampoo and a little dish soap.
And to mask the fishy smell (there's cod liver oil in Desitin- who knew.) my house could be a walk-through advertisement for glade plug-ins.


Caroline is starting to make a little more sense lately.  She'll still jabber on and on and we don't know what she's talking about but when she wants something it's pretty clear.

Some of her favorite things to do lately are: Watch Curious George, color, watch Daniel Tiger, bubbles, swinging, playing in the sandbox, going for rides/walks, seeing grandparents, playing at parks, playing with her cousin Scott, jumping, squeezing between the back of the couch and the cushions, singing songs, count things, find things in books, puzzles, paint, chase and be chased.  She can recognize most letters and numbers and is getting better with colors. She also really likes trains.

She's still a dream to put down for a nap and for bedtime.  We'll get milk, get her blanket and pick out a book.  After her milk is gone we lay her in bed and she'll say "night, night" cuddle up to her blanket and we're done.  Maybe I already put that in on her last update- but it's still the same and still wonderful.

At cousin Anna's pinkalicious birthday party.

Ben at 6 Months old... and 7

Ben's Stats as of Aug 31, 2015 at his 6 month well check:
Ben at 6 Months

Height- 25.25 in (3%)
Weight- 15 lbs 14 oz (16%)

He always seems so big to me until I take him to the doctors office and see how he compares to other kiddos his age.  

As of today- 9.28.15...
~He is a mover and a shaker.  
While he's not exactly a pro-crawler yet, he gets where he wants to go and is getting quicker and quicker about it.  His coordination is improving as he crawls more and more and he's very intentional about where he wants to go.
~He's such a happy boy and is quite the talker/singer.  He especially seems to love the high pitch squeals- but at least they're happy noises.  
~He's not very patient when it comes to food but he is pretty patient with Caroline. He's loving baby food and makes some pretty good faces.  I've tried giving him pieces of the Gerber puffs and after gagging a few times they seem to disappear.  I'm going to give him a little time before we get too carried away with solids...
~He has gone through quite a few different sleeping cycles- one where he blessedly slept from about 8pm-7am; one where woke up two times a night- usually around 2am and 5am; one where he woke up at 3am; and his latest is waking up to eat at 6am and then going back to sleep for a few hours.  I'll take it. He's also sleeping in the same room with Caroline most of the time.  Usually though if he wakes up in the night I'll end up putting him in the pack-and-play. 
~He likes his mamma.
~Like lots of babies he loves to be where there are a lot of people and there's more to hear and see.
~Has a sweet little laugh and giggle.  It's fun to figure out just what will tickle his funny bone- it changes regularly.

Ben at 7 Months

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Camp Yuba Triathlon

We survived!
Jared and I did a sprint relay triathlon.  I swam and "ran" and he biked.  Our time was laughable but we did it and we finished- which was what we set out to do.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Battle Creek Falls

For our Labor Day outing we went up to Pleasant Grove and did a short hike to a pretty waterfall. It was a beautiful day and I didn't realize how busy the trail would be.  Aside from being a little  cold in the shade it was a perfect little hike.