Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jingle Bells

So, Christmas with little kids is a ton of fun.  We sing songs all the time and make fun festive goodies quite frequently.  The girls love singing and will often favor me with a free concert- they love watching the videos I record so it's not hard to get them to do a little number.  Here's a little bit of what I've enjoyed lately:

I have  many to choose from, but it takes too long to upload 
videos and apparently the files are too big, so nevermind... 

Unfortunate lack of pictures

There is more than one problem with me not taking pictures- not only does it make for a less entertaining blog  (cause, honestly, who actually wants to read what I write) but I also can't remember what I've done.  
I will say this though, that I don't think I've been home before midnight more than 1 night in the past week and that I'm averaging about 5 hours of sleep.  I'm getting even more loopy than normal.  I feel like my life has been a constant stream of small group and ward activities- and I love it.  Today is the first day in what seems like a long time that I've spent the evening at home, which is why I'm finally updating my blog, and it doesn't seem like it's going to get much slower before I go home for Christmas.  That's okay though, I'm sure I'll have a little down time there, at least until after Christmas :). 
I guess I just need to track down the people who have had cameras when there have been fun activities... but that's what facebook is for, right?  

Christmas Gala

There was New England Regional Gala Saturday night... a formal dance... I don't do formal dances.  Anyhow, after much coercion I purchased a dress (not a formal) for this dance.  I was not incredibly excited about this event, but figured it would be memorable.  Saturday day, I was with some other gals who had decided last minute that they were going to go and to make a long story short, we found ourselves at the fabric store a couple hours before the dance where we purchased and rushed home to construct (without patterns) two lovely skirts before the dance.  It was completely insane, but now I have a nice formal skirt and a new dress!   Even though it felt uncannily like a youth dance from my past, it turned out to be a fun evening and I had a good time in spite of myself.

Tree Lighting Extravaganza

Apparently Nova Scotia and Boston are pretty good pals- although I can't remember why- but they've sent  down a huge Christmas tree every year since 1917 and there is quite the celebration when they light it including: The Rockettes, Katherine McPhee (at least this year), a few other random performers, and fireworks.  It was a lot of fun despite the numb fingers and toes from the cold.  

The smoke from the fireworks... we got showered by the soot we were so close.

Amy, Camilla, Me, Ruth, Mollie

Outdoor Ice Skating rink... I really wanna go!

A very merry tuba Christmas

I caught wind of an even that would be happening downtown- 140 tuba instruments from little tubas to big tubas playing Christmas music.
Totally Awesome!


Thanksgiving break was fantastic.  Wednesday night after a very impromptu viewing of the 7th Harry Potter, we began our late trek to Connecticut to enjoy Thanksgiving day with the van den Berg family.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of our delicious feast, as the one with those pictures is currently in Hawaii (thanks, Sofia) but at some point in my life I hope to have a few of those.  I headed back to Boston on Thursday night and enjoyed a restful evening at home.

Friday morning I headed to Plymouth with Amy Stuart and Kristen Peterson- two fabulous gals from my ward.  We just wandered and explored.  We saw THE Plymouth Rock (which coincidentally my or may not be where the pilgrims landed), a replica of the Mayflower, the oldest Grist Mill in the country, and wandered the burial grounds.  Pretty sure I've never seen gravestones this old before in my life.  It was a very fun Thanksgiving weekend activity.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good things comin'....

Yes, I realize that I'm very behind on my blog. I've been so super busy having a good time and haven't gotten around to updating my blog.  I've also been kind of slack about taking pictures, so it may be more of the written word when I do finally get around to updating....  So for now, I guess that'll just have to do.