Friday, May 23, 2014

Voyages of the Ridges family part 3 UT

We got back from SC on a Tuesday and the following Wednesday I left with Jared's family to head to Capitol Reef National Park.  Jared worked and joined us on Friday.  We had a blast!

Caroline hiking with her cousins.

Feeling the wind through her hair in the side by side.

Jared, Dave, and Mike hiked to see these petroglyphs.

Caroline's sleeping accommodations in the motor home.  Yes, that's a suitcase.

Voyages of the Ridges family part 2 SC

From New York we headed south to much warmer South Carolina.  It did present a bit of a packing challenge but I was up for it.
While there we managed to get in a trip to the beach.  Caroline was a fan of eating sand.  

We also went to Table Rock State park and did a VERY short little hike past the waterfalls and played at the playground.

Caroline liked the zip line.

Jared helped my dad fall some trees.  Yes, my dad is up in the tree.
Heading back for Utah!

Voyages of the Ridges family part 1 NY & MA

 Caroline was an excellent travel buddy.  Mostly because this is what she did most of the time on the plane rides and in the ergo.  She is such a trooper.
Tray tables make an awesome bed.

Mt. Auburn Cemetary

Jeffrey at Boston Commons at the beginning of the freedom trail.

Caroline's first time on the subway.

North Bridge

Boston Harbor

Paul Revere's grave

Lunch at the Prudential Building
View from the Prudential Building

Canoli's from Mike's Pastry.  Eating underground to avoid the rain.
MIT Museum

Hike near the Hudson River
Reading Calvin and Hobbes by the fire.

Manhattan Temple

We rode the Staten Island Ferry by the Statue of Liberty

Central Park

Times Square

The Hershey Store... free samples... yum!

9/11 Memorial.  This is one of the new towers and is the tallest.
New York Stock Exchange
We had an awesome time.  Although Jared is not terrible excited to go back to Boston... something about having to drive in the torrential rain and crazy driver infested unfamiliar and lane-less roads.  We also we able to go the Boston temple with Emily and Dan.  A very generous friend of mine kept all the kids so we could go. 

Random Cuteness

I've finally gotten my hands on all the pictures from Jared's phone.  Okay, okay, so I've actually had them for weeks but am just getting around to sharing. Some of these are pretty old- and some are VERY recent. Like, a few hours ago recent. Enjoy!
Like father- like daughter.  Lovin' some chocolate chip cookies.

Heading for the pool!

Not toooo sure about it....

Grumpy gal.

With her little cousin.  4 days old in this picture. (2/9/14)
With her "little" cousin.  3 1/2 months in this picture. (3/23/14)   To say he's gaining on her would be a gross understatement.

Likes going for rides in the laundry basket.
Delicious high lighters!
I actually forgot to take pictures Easter morning, but this was a re-enactment a few days later.

Happy Mother's Day!