Sunday, October 11, 2015

Spanish Fork River Park

We wanted to attempt tent camping with our little ones before it got too cold.  We picked a nice little campground close to home (just in case we needed to bail in the middle of the night :)  with a river and a playground.
Up until the kids went to sleep it was picture perfect.  We roasted our hot dogs and Jared made a spectacular dutch oven cobbler.  It was a clear night and the stars were so bright.  Caroline especially loved that there were train tracks that were close to the campground and she got to see the trains and hear the loud horn.  Ben went to sleep right around 8:00- like normal and we were able to get Caroline to sleep around 9:30.  Everything was great until... yep... remember those train tracks... Caroline pops up, "Choooo chooo!!!  Chooo chooo!!"  which woke up Ben, who then decided that he was either cold or hungry.  We were able to get everyone back to sleep around midnight.  But then around 3:00 am, yep, you guessed it, "Choooo choo!!! Chooo choo!!"  She thankfully went back to sleep fairly quickly- in Jared's sleeping bag- and Ben and I sort of slept in my sleeping bag sleeping/nursing until about 6:00.
All things considered it was not a total failure (we did make it through the night, after all) and if there hadn't been frost on everything when we woke up we would have hung around and played and gone for a hike- such as it was we made our bacon and eggs and then were home by 9:00 am where Caroline slept on the couch for a few hours.
We'll definitely try again- but when there's no chance of frost in the morning. :)