Monday, November 22, 2010

Back in Boston

It was nice to have a pretty low-key weekend in Boston.  The week was busy, but now as I look back I can't quite figure out why.  We went to the library, the Children's Museum, Costco, and played at home.  Same old, same old.  The museum was pretty cool, though.
There was this really really cool climbing area described in the brochure as "A three-story climbing sculpture made of brightly painted-curved platforms." It looked really fun but you had to be pretty tiny to fit through some of the gaps.  Sammy really liked it, but Cate made it up two platforms before she started crying and wanted out.  It could be a serious problem if your kid was all the way at the top of that thing and freaked out- you'd have almost no way of getting to them in a hurry. But I guess they think of that kind of thing when they put this in a children's museum. Right?

The weekend was great.  Saturday morning I went and helped clean the church and then headed into Boston to see some sights.
I went with my friend, Kendell, to the top of the Prudential building (I'm pretty sure it's the tallest building in Boston) and had lunch.  The view was incredible.  It was a pretty swanky place and I felt ridiculously under-dressed, especially considering I went to this place immediately after cleaning the church, but oh well.  The waiter claimed it's the best clam chowder in Boston, and it was indeed pretty good.  

After lunch we wandered downtown a little bit and went to Faneuil Hall- The Cradle of Liberty.  Apparently some pretty important discussions were had there and it's now a historical site.  Kinda cool building.  
Outside, there were a bunch of vendors and people milling around and there was this one booth advertising for the Boston Ballet where you could get your picture taken.  It was really funny- there was an old Asian couple who kept going back to take more pictures.  Really funny.

After that I met up with my friend Amy and her roommate and did a little shopping.  In theory, I was looking for some good waterproof, winter shoes.  Oops..  the only thing I left with were these tennis shoes. I just couldn't resist.  I can just go to Target and get some rubber boots and wool socks, right?  A much better deal.
Saturday night, I spent playing with Amy and Alexandra.  We cooked yummy food and watched a movie and had a slumber party.   Good times.
Sunday was ridiculously busy-  I went to a Lutheran church service at 9 with Alexandra for a class she's in.  It was interesting, but served to make me want to go to my church more.  It helps me be more and more thankful for the restored gospel!!  Then there was choir practice, the regular block of meetings, a munch and mingle, being home taught, practice for the Christmas concert, and then a musical fireside.  Sounds like a day of rest, right?  On to another week....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Washington D.C.

Another fun-filled weekend travelling around.  This past weekend I was in D.C. to visit with my Trainer, Sorella Christine Ross.  We had a blast and it was so much fun to spend time with her and her roommates, Kristina, and Sydney. I flew down on Thursday afternoon, then Friday while everyone else was at work I explored D.C.  I ventured into the Metro and visited, at least briefly:
The Museum of American History

United States Holocaust Museum

National Museum of the American Indian

Washington Monument (yep- I went to the top)

My ticket to the top!
The Museum of Natural History
The National Sculpture Gardens
The view from the top of the Washington Monument:

You could see the Washington D.C. temple from the monument.

Saturday Morning we went to the Temple-

Then that afternoon we had lunch at an Amish market-
Then we went to a Navy football game because Kristina's (not Christine) fiancĂ©e is in the Navy-

On Sunday, Church wasn't until 3:00 so we went and wandered around Old Towne Alexandria and had a little photo shoot.  It was such a cute little town and fall was really putting on a spectacular display for us!  

It was a fantastic trip!

The view from the Apartment in Alexandria

Monday, November 8, 2010

New York City

No time to really explain most of these pictures, although most are pretty self-explanatory.  In these pictures are Me and Alexandra.  The blonde guy in the pictures is Justin- pretty much the only one we knew down there and the guys with me are his roommates who were there to help me not feel like a third wheel.  It was a really fun weekend.  I thought before that Boston was a big city, but now I realize how not big it is and I was glad to come back to Boston.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A week in pictures

This week has seriously been filled with one adventure after another.  I'll give a very brief description of the many photos from the week.  If you have any questions, you know how to reach me...
Pumpkin- shaped rolls

Sammie and Cate at the Old North Bridge

Scenery at Old North Bridge

Old North Bridge

Me, Cate, and Sam at the Old North Bridge

Beautiful Fall leaves

Firetruck that came to get the girls out when they locked themselves in the bathroom... yeah, that's a long story.

Playing with the costumes from the costume box...
Sammie and Cate were actually princesses not a frog and monkey.

"Harry Potter", a "pink Cinderella", and "Belle" (with two different shoes)

I was the Princess Bride... it was better than being a
clown and Alexandra had the dress in her closet.

Kendell and I at a Witch House (I thought the person taking
the picture was getting the sign as well- apparently not.) in Salem, MA.
A group of us went up on the 30th... absolute madness around there.  

Me and Alexandra at Mt. Auburn Cemetery on Halloween

The view from the tower at the cemetery.

You could see the temple on the hill... so cool!!

Me and the foliage.  

Boston Skyline

Cool Cathedral thing in the cemetery and pretty leaves.  
This is the tower we were on top of.
Cool cemetery shot.