Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Mission Dinner

I was able to enjoy the company of some of my favorite people at a Christmas dinner at the Acerson's home.  It's nice to be close enough to actually attend these things now.

Where are the ducks?

We went up to campus to feed the ducks, but I guess there's a reason ducks fly south for the winter.

Andrew is pretty obsessed with the bell tower and so we figured
it was only right to get a picture.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The San Francisco treat!

I drove up to Fruit Heights, UT on Sunday after church and was able to spend some time with the wonderful Stephenson family and then I drove up the road to visit my old roommate Michelle Packer and catch up with her.  On Monday, Kim and I drove to San Francisco where I was able to not only get my city fix but also my beach fix.  We spent Tuesday wandering around the city and absorbing everything from Chinatown, to the Fisherman's Wharf, and Ghiradelli Square where we had Ice Cream for dinner.  That evening we went to a "Sing-a-long" Sound of Music at the Castro Theater and had a blast.  
Tuesday, we drove to the beach and had a picnic and then along the coast for great views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city then we headed for the airport.  It was a quick but absolutely wonderful trip!  

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Thankfully the chaos of decorating was short-lived and now the house is so festive!  I love it!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving at the Milton house was pretty low-key.  We had all the traditional fare and it was surprisingly stress free until I spilled Turkey juice all over myself.  My Aunt Thelma and Uncle Lonnie were visiting from South Carolina for their son Levin's wedding and so we had them over.  It was so nice to spend the holiday with family.  I really am so blessed!

Gooooooooo Cougars!!!!

Due to a series of very fortunate events I found myself in possession of several free tickets to a BYU football game. (Thanks Gunters!)  It was Jeffrey's first time attending a football game and even though he wouldn't sing the fight song with me he was very intense about watching the game.  We managed to stay pretty warm and had a great time!

Happy Halloween

I enjoyed Halloween night with two of my companions from the mission.  We had great plans to go trick or treating to a few select houses and deliver pumpkin bread.  Unfortunately, no one seemed to be enjoying the holiday at home so our deliveries were not as fun as they could have been. But we very much enjoyed just being silly and spending time together.
Kiera, the flower * Sara, the nerd * Kim, the cowgirl


For the last month I've not had my computer.  I'll use that as my excuse for not updating my blog.  The fine folks at Best Buy neglected to record all the things wrong with my computer and when it was sent off (the first time) so it returned with the same problems.  Nothing major, just things that I've wanted to be fixed since I bought it.  So it was "expedited" to repair all the things that they didn't fix the first time.  The point of the story is that now my I finally have my computer back and that now the internal microphone works and I can make calls from my computer.  Victory!  On to the updates....