Thursday, June 30, 2016


There were lots of big fun things in June, so big, in fact, that I'll give them their own posts.  But here are the random pictures from the month:
Splash Park
A pretty accurate portrayal of how both of my children feel about the splash park.  Ben liked it more after we were there for a little while, even though he likes to wander more than he likes the water.
Wednesday, June 1

 Bartholomew Pond
Friday, June 3

 Summer Fruit!
Monday, June 6
Friday, June 10
They love their blankets!
Thurday, June 16

Meeting Baby Sahara
Saturday, June 18
 Plum Tuckered Out. 
I guess we must have played pretty hard in June because there were lots of sleeping pictures on my phone.  
Sunday, June 12

Sunday, June 12

Tuesday, June 14
Saturday, June 18

Saturday, June 25
Happy Father's Day!
Sunday, June 19

 Proof of what a good mom I am.
Monday, June 20
 Caroline's drawing of a sunshine.
Monday, June 20

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Caroline's 3rd Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to our little Caroline.   She was very excited to have a rainbow cake and this is what I came up with.   She also now wants balloons almost every time we go to Walmart.

At her well check visit on July 21 she measured:
Weight: 29.1 lbs (30th %) 
Height: 37.5 in (57th%)  

That's a pretty significant jump in the height category.  Tall and skinny... lucky gal.  

When we asked what she wanted for her birthday she said, "friends." Thankfully we have a few cousins around who are also friends so they joined us for a party.

A little about Caroline:

~She is a little parrot.  Now I know she heard me when I told her to "chew and swallow"  because she's very good at telling her brother to do the same.  
~She is an older sister and all that that entails.  Ben already has two moms. 
~She is mostly potty trained.  She still wears a diaper for naps and bedtime.  She also refuses to poop in the potty- despite our many attempts at bribery.  
~She loves nursery at church.
~She still naps during the afternoon, although she is fighting bedtime more and more.  But she is a bear without a nap so we're going to keep on keeping on.
~She loves watching shows (Especially Daniel Tiger) and playing with the ipad.  It's the first thing she asks for most mornings.  I have mixed feelings about it. 
~She loves cheese.  Not only because of cheese, but we actually have to give her mira-lax everyday- I think some of her bad experiences are why we have potty troubles now.
~She loves to dance. 
~She loves her grandpas and grandmas.  
~She likes to "help" mom.
~She is really good at saying "no"
~ She seemed to get much more opinionated, bossy, and defiant when she turned three.
~Loves playing outside and in the water.
~She can be a very good helper with her brother and they can play really nicely together... when she's not pulling on the back of his shirt tackling him.
~She is liking arts and crafts more and more.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Art City Days

Caroline really like the rodeo
 Ben really liked the crackers.

Caroline and Dad got to rid the big Ferris wheel.  I thought she might be scared when it started going faster, but apparently that's what she liked the most.

 Caroline also got to ride some other rides, you can't actually see her in this picture...
 We all rode the carousel. 

Caroline and mom riding a little train at the Fun-o-rama for kids.
 Caroline and Scott on the swings at fun-o-rama.
 Caroline on the little Ferris wheel at fun-o-rama.
 We got to watch the hot air balloons.  Unfortunately, it was too breezy for them to lift off, but it was still cool to watch them inflate the balloons.
 Arts and Crafts
 Finished the week off with friends and fireworks.
Caroline liked the friends more than the fireworks.