Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Caroline at 2 months.

Our little one is really little.  Here are her stats:

Weight: 8 lb 5 oz (0%)
Height: 20.25 in (0%)
Head: 14.3 in (5%)

The doctor says she's growing wonderfully though and we have confidence that someday she'll be on the charts in height and weight and not just in her head.

At the doctors office we learned that she's right on track with developmental stuff
- she can follow things with her eyes
- she lifts her head up on her own
- she coos and "talks"
- etc. etc.
Also at the doctors office she got lots of shots and has been fairly miserable since then.

Caroline really loves lying on the floor and if there is a fan she will stare for a good long time.  After she's done staring she'll work on "kick-starting her motorcycle."  She does this pretty much anytime we lay her down and I think it's pretty cute since it really does look like she's trying to start a motorcycle.  

She has some really really cute smiles but they're still pretty randomly given.  I think we're pretty close to getting them in response to our goofy faces.  
Someone that I worked with at the temple gave me this super cute personalized blanket. 

The comparisons:
 One week.
 One Month.
Two Months.

Caterpillars in the Kitchen

One day I was sitting on the couch feeding my kid- a very common occurrence- when I looked over and saw a caterpillar crawling on the floor in the kitchen- not such a common occurrence.  So I caught it, stuck it in a jar with some corn husks and spinach and called it good.
Seeing how finding a caterpillar in the kitchen is pretty out of the ordinary you can imagine my surprise when the next day I was feeding Caroline and I looked over to see ANOTHER caterpillar moseying across the kitchen. What?!
Conveniently I already had a caterpillar habitat so I threw in #2.  Jared and I looked online to see what the potential was for our impromptu pets and we discovered that we would have some lovely moths.  The caterpillars lived happily in the jar for 4-5 days and when they started slowing down I asked Jared to set them free.  My rationale for releasing them was complex:
1. If they did build cocoons and turn into flying creatures I didn't really want them flying around inside my house.
2. There's much more fresh vegetation outside and their jar was getting a little crowded with partially eaten leaves.
3. And most importantly because there was a very real possibility they would die in that jar and I didn't want that on my conscience.

It was fun having pets for a little while.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Blessing Day

Diggin' the bonnet

 Grandma Leckie says this is her regal pose.
 How she really feels about wearing this huge dress.

First Anniversary

We  made it a WHOLE year!!!

Bath Time

Caroline's first bath

 She liked the bath  more than she liked drying off.

Much later... we've moved on to the bathroom sink which is perfect for lounging.

First Sunday

All dolled up and ready for church...

One Month Old

She was a little happier this time... 

One week old. She apparently likes this pose.

Picture Dump

 One of our first family photos.  Don't we all look lovely?

 Caroline's "crib"

Enjoying Grandma time....
and Grandpa time.