Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Break in California

For our last hurrah as a two-some we I decided that I wanted to go on a big trip during my week-off from work for spring break.  We had hoped to go to South Carolina but the price of plane tickets nixed that idea. After considering what was within driving distance we decided to head to the west coast where I was hoping to get in my ocean fix for the next long while.  While the ocean was beautiful, the mist, wind, and rain kept us from enjoying is quite as much as I would have liked.  We still had a good time visiting on Easter with Lewis and Natalie Gunter in San Jose and then spending the rest of the week with Seth and Kim Smith (formerly Stephenson- a former mission companion).  Kim and Seth live in Daly City just outside of San Francisco so Jared and I spent a Monday wandering the city and Tuesday we took off with Seth and Kim down the coast and enjoyed the beautiful redwoods and scenic coastline. We camped in a few different State Parks and enjoyed a few hikes.  It was a great trip with great company!

Salt flats. This was the only thing that was picture worthy from Salt Lake City to Lake Tahoe (sorry Nevada). 

Bay Bridge

When we first drove on the Golden Gate Bridge I thought we weren't even going to be able to see it...

But then 2 seconds later the fog was gone!  (Nice crack in the windshield, huh?)

The Bay

San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge

Random lighthouse and tractor along the coast

There was some pretty scenery along highway 1, despite the lack of sunshine.

The sun finally came back (for a little while, at least)! Jared was so excited about it he tried to take a picture, but a giant redwood got in the way. Dang trees. Oh yeah, this is in Big Sir State Park.

Hiking in the misty woods of Limekiln State Park.

Pretty waterfall in Limekiln State Park

Jackets quickly became superfluous when the clouds cleared. And boy what a view from Buzzards Roost in Big Sir! We didn't see any buzzards roosting, but the radio tower and maintenance shack were totally worth the hike. . .

Friday, April 12, 2013

Belly shots

I am not the world's greatest fan of taking pictures of my protruding belly.  I didn't like to do it before I was pregnant- why would I want to do it when I feel even fatter?  However- it has been requested and I am trying to comply.  Disclaimer- I can only seem to take belly shots if I make weird faces.

There's one at 20 weeks and one at 25.  I don't think there's really too much of a difference.

On a much more exciting note, for those few who I don't talk with weekly, Jared and I found out on March 5th that we are having a little girl.  Jared was finally able to feel her kick just this past Tuesday (the 9th) so now I think he believes me that there's something in there.  Unless something unexpected happens (ie- this girl is a boy) her name will be Caroline ________ Ridges.  We're still working on the blank.  There's actually a little bit of a story behind the name so if you haven't heard it already and want to let me know.

Easter Eggs

Jared is so kind to humor me and my need to dye Easter eggs.
We were just about to watch a BYU basketball game- which could explain the basketball egg and the "Y" egg.  The rest.... well.... they're just Easter eggs.


Sometimes Jared and I unintentionally/intentionally compete to see who can act more like a 5-year old.  I think that he won this day.  He was so so so happy to be out sledding even if the sleds were a little small... more appropriate for a 5-year old.