Friday, January 16, 2015

30 Weeks.. and a few days

I forgot to take a picture on my 30 week date- so here's 30 weeks and 4 days.

Playing in the Snow

We decided to try out the "new" snowsuit that has been handed down for generations (exaggeration- but only slight). Caroline loved playing in the snow... and eating the dirt from the flower pot. 
We learned a little after playing that the snowsuit is definitely NOT waterproof!  In all fairness, though, it was pretty wet snow and melting besides.  

Holiday time in South Carolina

The day after we got to South Carolina we went for a little ride in Grandpa Leckie's boat.  It was absolutely a beautiful evening to go "trolling" around Saluda lake for a few minutes. It was Caroline's first time riding in a little boat and she seemed to have a good time and didn't even try to jump out.


Eric, Andrew, & Caroline
Thankfully Rylee was willing to share her snacks on the back porch.

The cousins having a toast with their sparkling juice 
Nate solved the problem of having a tree that was too wet.


Jared and I somehow managed to dethrone the reigning champions.  
It must have been the intense concentration- or the fact that we had three players on our team. :)

It was really fun to watch them at dinner when they were both in high chairs and were somehow communicating with each other.  Corben is so much bigger than Caroline, but they still got along okay for the little bit that they actually played together.

Caroline at 18 Months

The Pictures and the stats are actually from January 7th and 8th- but that's what happens when you turn 18 months old on Christmas day.

 Caroline's Stats:
Height: 31 inches (20%- still climbin' the charts!)
Weight: 20 lbs 10 oz (20%)
Head 18 1/2 in (68%)

The 19 month post will probably be pretty short since I'm so late writing this, but oh well...
Lately Caroline...
~ has become frustratingly independent.  She often will only eat what she puts in her mouth.  Forget trying to help her...  unless it's dessert.  Then she'll eat it any way she can.
~ still doesn't really say a whole lot of words in English.   She's gotten pretty good with her signs lately and is a pretty effective communicator.  It's very clear that she understands most any directions that we give to her.
~ "Jumps" by bending her knees a little bit.  Feet stay on the ground.
~ has gotten big enough to climb onto the kitchen chairs... and then onto the table.  She thinks it's a fun game for me to tell her to sit down- which she often will- only to stand back up 2 seconds later.
~ has become a little bit more clingy and selective about who she wants to be buddies with.  Just in time for nursery at church.
~ switched from two naps to one.  Then got a cold and switched back to two naps.  Then changed time zones and was all mixed up but now we're back to  usually taking one nap in the afternoon.
~ has decided that occasionally she wants to have a snack and play in the middle of the night- usually between 1:00 and 3:00 am.  Still not exactly sure what to do about it.
~ has gotten a little bit better about playing with other kids.  She is still very much an observer, but is interacting more and more with other little ones.  It has to be on her terms though.
~ is learning more animal sounds and body parts.  She will usually tell you what sound a doggy makes, occasionally tell you what sounds cats, pigs, ducks, and cows make.  She can also show you where her nose, ears, and tummy are.
~ loves being chased, playing peek-a-boo, reading books, and playing with the ipad.

Other non-Christmas related pictures from this month (apparently I only pull out the camera while she's at the table):

Lovin' some peanut butter on graham crackers.

I was shocked that she actually ate the plain lettuce- but she seemed to like it.

VERY unusual.  She was still getting over her stomach bug.

Christmas Festivites

The whole month of December, it seems, is a giant celebration.  Here are a few of the things we enjoyed:

The Festival of Trees with Grandma and Grandpa Ridges


We hosted a little Christmas Shin-dig at our house featuring eggnog and ugly turtlenecks.  We had a good time- unfortunately, though, I think this may be the best family picture we got over the holidays.


Sitting on Santa's lap at the ward Christmas party.  Caroline wasn't a big fan but didn't completely hate it either.  Also- she's not wearing pants because... well... ya know... these things happen and there weren't any extra pants in the diaper bag.

Our little "Mary"

Pictures with cousin Scott and Aunt Jamie at the Mall


All bundled up on Christmas Eve waiting for the train to go see the lights at temple square.

Our annual picture with the lights at Temple Square. 
For the comparisons: 


Caroline was not really into opening presents... 

After presents we went to Jared's parents house for a Christmas day "brunch", the Christmas story, and more presents.  From there we went to the airport to fly to South Carolina.

25 Weeks

Bump shot from 25 weeks on November 30. Keep in mind this is also right after Thanksgiving...

The same week with Caroline.

Turkey Bowl (Thanksgiving 2014)

Jared participated in an annual turkey bowl with some of his friends.  I have played in the past but figured that that would be unwise in my pregnant state so Caroline and I watched instead.