Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Patriot's Day!

Massachusetts has it's own holiday called Patriot's Day.  It is a weekend of revolutionary re-enactments around Lexington, Concord, and Boston.  

It was really really cold!

I celebrated by going to a re-enactment of Paul Revere's and William Dawes midnight ride where they deliver their infamous message.  The acting was absolutely horrible, but I guess you can't win them all.  That night I car camped with my friend Jenny so we could watch a battle re-enactment at 5:30 Monday morning.  This particular re-enactment draws so many people that unless you're there by about 4:30 you have no hope of seeing anything, and even then it's questionable.  The population is compounded by the fact that all these events also happen on the same weekend of the Boston Marathon. 

Don't know these guys, but my batteries died
before I could get more pictures :(
The marathon was absolutely incredibly inspiring.  Not only the physical and mental discipline of the runners- which is awe-inspiring in and of itself- but also of the fans who just stand on the sidelines and cheer.  I couldn't help but be touched by the feeling of comraderie and family as everyone genuinely wants the people running to succeed.  It was so unlike a regular sporting event where you are typically pulling for one side or another.  I loved it and couldn't help but wish that everyone could be so concerned for others all the time. The Boston Marathon is one of the most difficult in the country and has about 30,000 runners.  A new world record was set at this particular race.  Such amazing athletes!!    I had at least 4 friends who were running and it was such a memorable experience to be able to cheer them on.  

We are sowing, er... sewing

 I caught a sewing bug the other week.  We ended up with twirling skirts and t-shirts.  
I had the girls draw a picture for their shirts and then I sewed it onto the shirt. 
Good times... 

Gliding along

The girls don't have bikes, but they have "gliders." Pretty much just bikes without pedals.  They have gotten good on them and we've really enjoyed them on sunny days.

Dare I hope....

You may or may not be able to tell what this is, so I'll tell you...   It's all that remains of a giant mountain of snow that was behind my house and I really really really really hope it's the last snow I see until at least December!

Live in Concert!

I had a date night with Jennie and Mike on the 6th of April.  It was so fun- despite the fact that she didn't even come on stage until 11:00 pm.  (It was a really late night).

Poor Mike had to leave after her first song to go pick up the kids from the babysitters house, but Jennie recorded a song or two for him on her phone.  KT Tunstall  has a "looping" technique where she records the backup sounds first and then replays them throughout the song.  It's a one-man show and absolutely fantastic- she's just so fun to watch.