Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

We had a few little Easter egg hunts- one here in the house with their little playgroup, and one at Chris and Jamie's house in Mapleton.
The photo-shoot of them in their Easter best was something of a joke, but they're cute anyway.
Goodies in their Easter baskets.  Caroline is a big fan of jelly beans.

I'm so sad this one didn't focus. :*(
A little too snuggly...

Giving Ben a kiss.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Provo City Center Temple

I was privileged to be able to sing with one of the choirs for the dedication of this beautiful temple.  It was a very special experience.

Jared and I were also able to attend the cultural celebration the evening before the dedication.  What an amazing collaborative effort from the youth from so many stakes.
The theme for their program was "Beauty for Ashes" I think the phrase is in proverbs, but I forgot the reference.  At the end of the program they had the kids moving up and down the stairs of the Marriott Center in orange, yellow, and red shirts and it was so cool!  It was surprisingly fire-like.  The picture doesn't do it justice.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Maiden Voyage of the Camper

We took the camper out for the first time this weekend.  We had a one nighter in Meadow, UT where there are some fun lave tubes, hot pots, and some good piles of sand.
It was a very educational trip and very fun.

We learned that the water pump doesn't work- but jugs of water do.
We learned that we need more tongue weight to smooth out the ride.
We learned that we need to lower the hitch- otherwise we're practically pulling a parachute.
We learned that you should make sure the battery is fully charged before you want to use it for the furnace.
We learned that our kids will sleep even when it's 45 degrees in the camper.
We learned that we can use jumper cables to charge the battery.

There were a few things that we've added to our list of things to bring next time, but otherwise it was a fantastic trip- the kids slept great, we had great weather (we could have done without the wind, but it wasn't too too terrible), we had great company, great scenery.  All in all we were happy campers and we look forward to more trips!

Loaded and ready to go!

Great sand for playing and sliding... as long as you watch out for the cow pies.

Ben's getting really really good at this lately...

Our fun little homes away from home.

Down into the lava tubes.

Caroline really likes to "zoooom!"

She also really likes her friend Ella.

Hot pots!  The wind kept me from getting in this one since it's the coolest of the pools and I didn't want to have to get out to trek the 100 yards to the warmer ones.

But Caroline didn't mind a bit.

Saturday, March 5, 2016


Dave and Janette got a side-by-side so there would be enough room for everyone to go on excursions when we go camping.  We had to try it out. :)