Friday, April 25, 2014

Caroline at 10 months

We're in the double digits!  How did that happen!?!

Caroline is still such a sweet little gal. While I think Caroline did go through a little growth spurt- I feel like this month has been more about social development than physical development.
-She's still a pro sitter.
-She still doesn't like to roll over.
-She still likes to grab everything.  But doesn't necessarily like to let go.
-She has recently discovered her pointer finger and now it looks like she's pointing at everything- it's pretty cute.
-She has gone back to sleeping through the night.  Hot diggity dog!  It's a lovely thing.  I think this is mostly because she's finally getting enough to eat.  I discovered recently that mother nature said I was done nursing so poor Caroline was not getting nearly as much as I thought she was.  Oh well, now we'll just spend our life savings buying powdered gold  formula for the next few months til we switch to the gallon style milk.
-She's a great travel buddy.  She was a rockstar on our recent journeys to NY, Boston, SC, the beach, and Capitol Reef National Park.
-She has much less stranger anxiety than she ever has before- even though she will make a really cute shy face.  I think this is mostly because during our trip she got passed around like a hot potato.  It's perfect for me now while I'm in singing time because she's not sad when someone else is holding her- or when Jared and I are both singing in the choir we can just pass her to someone sitting near us- or when I'm at an ward activity and the YW want to hold her.   I hope it lasts :)
-She will say "mamamama"  Unfortunately, it's usually when she's really tired and grumpy.  I'm such a sucker for that pitiful little mamama begging for food and a nap.
-She has recently gotten to be a bit finicky about her foods.  She used to love prunes.  Now she won't eat them.  Sometimes she won't eat anything with banana in it.  Other times she likes it.  Sometimes I can try 2-3 different foods and she may eat a few bites and then turn her nose up. Other times she is scarfing down food like she's been starving for two weeks.  She is getting a little bit better about handling finger food and seems to be developing an independent spirit already- although she I can't seem to get her to hold her own bottle... sheesh.
-She likes singing and still hollers on occasion just for fun.

Caroline usually has pretty good aim when she feeds herself- but occasionally she kind of looses her food and doesn't know where to find it.