Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Casual Conversation with a 6 year-old

Carter: Have you dated anyone?  
Me: nope.
Carter: You should date someone.
Me: You're probably right
Carter: After you know where you're going to be you should find someone to date.
Me:  Yeah, I'll think about it.  

End of conversation. 

Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays!

The girls turned 4 on May 8th and they had a very cute fairy themed birthday party: 

I turned 26 on the 16th and had  a very cute big kid party :)


 A couple weeks ago MIT had an open house.  I saw some really cool stuff: wind tunnels, robots, cool computer apps, you name it! But one of the coolest things was when they dropped a piano off a building- a tradition I don't really understand about the drop deadline for classes.  People flocked like vultures to get a piece of the piano (which didn't really splinter like I'd imagined)  that had been dropped.  It was a funny experience.

The following day, Sunday, I went for walk with my friend Amy Stuart and we wandered a much emptier MIT Campus and enjoyed playing in the Stata:

with the MIT Mood Meter- very fun face detection:

 and the giant chalkboards that are available for anyone to grafitti:
It was such a lovely Boston day!

Cute Kids at the Zoo

These are just a few pictures I took at the zoo the other day- I just think they're so cute that I needed to share.  Enjoy!

Talent Show

Back at the end of April my ward had a talent show.  I participated in two different acts- both of which confirmed where my talents are... or aren't.   My friend Alexandra studies Dress History and Museum Studies here and as her talent asked me and about 10 other girls from the ward to model some of the dresses she's made.  I got to be a swashbuckling maiden although I discovered that a model I most definitely am NOT.  It was fun though.  

The other act, which I REALLY wish I had a recording of was an acapella group of girls singing a cover arranged by Sarah Houghton (my visiting teachee) of "Always be my Baby" originally by Mariah Carey.  Here's a picture of that group: 
and a snipet of sounds from the talent show by a fantastic gal in my ward (Colleen Kelly) who does this kind of thing (the last 25 seconds or so are me and the other ladies):